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These FAQs are based on the mobile SEO best practices listed in Google's top 10 of 'mobile seo' search results as of January 11, 2021.


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  1. What is mobile seo?
  2. What is mobile usability?
  3. How do I ensure a fast website?
  4. How do I make my website work on any device?
  5. How do I write legible texts?
  6. What characterizes mobile websites according to search engines?
  7. Does structured data add value to mobile SEO?
  8. Do the search engines find my website mobile-friendly?
  9. Is my website accessible?
  10. Is my website fast enough?

Mobile SEO questions and answers

What is mobile seo? 

Mobile SEO is largely technical optimization of a website for mobile use so that its usability is recognized by search engines.

What is mobile usability? 

Mobile usability is determined by the accessibility and the website performance on a mobile device.

Main features are:
(1) no horizontal scroll bar
(2) no pop-ups
(3) clickable elements are not too close to each other
(4) the website can be used with a slower internet connection
(5) the readability of text has been taken into account

How do I ensure a fast website? 

Make sure that the website requires as little data as possible and that the data is instant available.

The greatest gains can be achieved by:
(1) Minimize the number of external elements on your website (images, style sheets and scripts)
(2) Optimize images and video so that they have a minimum size
(3) Using a static website or a website environment which supports caching

How do I make my website work on any device? 

Your website will work on any device when you have a fast website with a single column layout and a responsive design.

How do I write legible texts? 

Use one web page for one topic. Use headlines, write short sentences and use white space.

What characterizes mobile websites according to search engines? 

Google and Bing have established guidelines (Mobile-friendliness (Google), What Makes a Good Mobile Site? (Google), The Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool (Bing)) for mobile websites.

Perhaps most importantly, the website should display the same content on the mobile device as it does on a computer. This is because only a mobile web crawler is used.

The advice for website designers is therefore: Design for mobile!

Does structured data add value to mobile SEO? 

Structured data adds value to mobile SEO because a mobile device has limited screen space.

Hence, a search result with rich snippets stands out more on a mobile device than on a desktop.

You can test the structured data on your website with Google's Rich Results Test.

Do the search engines find my website mobile-friendly? 

Search engines such as Google and Bing offer a tool to test whether your website is considered mobile-friendly.

These tools are:
Google's Mobile-Friendly Test
Bing's Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Is my website accessible? 

Automatic accessibility tests test some accessibility requirements.

However, these tools do give a good first impression of the accessibility of your website.

You can use the following tools:
Web Accessibility Checker
European Internet Inclusion Initative

Is my website fast enough? 

There are a lot of advices and tools regarding your website speed. The most important tools to test your website speed are:
Google's PageSpeed Insights
Pingdom Website Speed Test

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